Jumat, 19 Desember 2008

my prophet Muhammad SAW is my hero!

islam is the best religion in the world. Allah SWT, the lord of the word, extended islam's religion to Muhammad SAW in ordered to change the moral crisis of people in the world. Muhammad SAW as the last prophet was born for gave the light and breath in muslim's lived. in arabian, Muhammad named means the good character/charity people (akhlakul karimah).
Muhammad SAW was born on 12 rabiul awwal 570 M (is estimated on April 20th 570) at Mekah (south of Arab) and died on June 8th 632 at Madinah, both of that country located at Hajez City (at the present called Arab Saudi). The year of his birth was called “elephant years” because there were soldiers that drove elephant came to crush Ka’bah, however the problem was solved curiously by Allah SWT’s helped and Allah SWT showed Muhammad’s birth would overcame all problem and incurred peaceful in the world.
Muhammad SAW has known as the honest people, smart, and trusteeship. It caused Muhammad has been famous with Al-amin degree. He was kind and loved each others especially the poor people, widowers, and orphans. Muhammad always tried to help them. Muhammad always stayed away from the sin and protected his self to keep the loveable to Allah SWT. There was no bad ability that he did, so he was well known as ‘As-sidiq’ too.
Muhammad was born from the noble family as Ibrahim AS’s generation . His father named Abdullah and his mother named Aminah Binti Wahab. His father died when Muhammad unborn, so he became fatherless child. When Muhammad was 6th years old, her mother invited him to go to his father’s grave at yatsrib (madinah). Unfortunately, on the way his mother was sick and then, after the several days she die at abwa village (near yatsrib) Muhammad became an orphan, then he lived with her grandfather named Abdul muththalib, but unfunded his grandpa die too. His uncle, Abu talib, invited Muhammad to life with him. Muhammad helped his uncle as a herdsmen and tradesman.

One day, Muhammad met khadijah who was looking for someone sold her commodity. Then Muhammad SAW built the good cooperation with khadijah to sell some cloth and the others commodity in Syam’s country. As a good worker Muhammad always kept the honesty. All the people believed and liked him. He has many customers and always got maximal profit from it. Khadijah that was kind and rich women be attracted Muhammad SAW because of his reliability. When he was 25th years old, Muhammad married her although there was long different between their ages. They got married when Khadijah was 40th years old but Muhammad still 25th years old. However they lived happily with the peaceful of Islam. Khadijah was the first women followed Islam religion that was introduced by Muhammad SAW.

One night, when Muhammad stay alone in Hire’s cave (hill’s cave next to mekah), he accepted first vison that was sent by Allah SWT. Allah SWT delegated jibril as massager to order reading’s obligated to Muhammad SAW. Reading’s obligated was described in Al-alaq (1 until 5 verses). Since that,the development of Islam was introduced publishable. Islam was known as the purity and peaceful religion, all of the people would survive with kept the rule of Islam inside their selves.

Islam pride
Finatrie Yolanda Tarigan ^^